The metallic residues after being received at MJD, or collected in the producing companies, are sorted according to their composition (iron, copper, aluminum, brass, lead, ...) and treated in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the specifications of the recycling companies, namely those steelworks and foundries.

When it is a customer requirement, the waste is compacted or fragmented.

In the particular case of electric cables, Metais Jaime Dias, SA uses a recovery process based on the separation of the metallic component (copper, aluminum, aluminum / steel or other alloy) from the insulating fraction (plastic / rubber).

The metallic fraction is treated like the other non-ferrous metals, being sent to recycling companies (foundries) or other waste operators.

The plastic / rubber fraction is sent, whenever possible, to recycling companies, with a view to its recovery.


Like metallic waste, this waste (paper, cardboard, wood, glass, ...) can either be received at Metais Jaime Dias, SA, or can be collected directly at the producer's facilities.

In terms of operations, the waste after entering the company is sorted, taking into account its composition and is then treated, in order to facilitate its transport and to present the highest possible recovery.

When it is a customer requirement, the waste is compacted, which is generally the case with waste paper / cardboard and plastic (film).

Non-metallic residues that, due to their state, are not subject to material recovery (recycling) but that have the potential for energy recovery are transformed into CDR (fuel derived from waste) for later energy recovery.



Metais Jaime Dias SA is a used tire collection point accredited by VALORPNEU - Sociedade de Gestão de Pneus, Lda. (, thus being able to receive all types of tire waste (private or industrial).

Delivery can be made directly at our facilities, free of charge for its holder, or collected at the client's premises upon request.


Metais Jaime Dias SA, appreciates WEEE through its dismantling with a view to separating the various constituent fractions (electronic boards, plastic, electrical cables, iron, stainless steel,…) which are subsequently sent for recycling.
For waste that is not internally recoverable (Ex: computer monitors, televisions, batteries) MJD ensures the correct routing to the respective management entities (AMB3E, ERP Portugal and ECOPILHAS).


Construction and demolition waste (RCD) is collected by Metais Jaime Dias, SA, using metallic containers with the Ampliroll system, which are made available on site. The unit proceeds to its sorting and fragmentation (whenever possible) with a view to its recovery / reuse.


Metais Jaime Dias, SA has the means and the necessary licenses to ensure the collection and treatment of hazardous waste, namely:

•    Absorbents and contaminated packaging;
•    Oil filters;
•    Oily waters;
•    Lead Accumulators (batteries);
•    Auto shock absorbers;
•    Brake pads containing asbestos;
•    Solvents and thinners;
•    Contaminated sludge;

Construction and demolition waste (RCD) is collected by Metais Jaime Dias, SA.